Monday, November 18, 2013

"Ireland" by R. (1909)


(An American Tribute to F—A—R—. Air—"Flow Gently, Sweet Afton.")

O Erin! dear Ireland! gem of the sea!

The oceans' one Emerald! glory to thee!

O land of the bright skies, of green hills and leas,

Of blue lakes and rivers, of prospects that please;

Of daughters the fairest, of sons true and brave,

Of heroes and martyrs their lifeblood who gave;

A fair land art thou! but far thy best part—

The world knows it well—is the warm Irish heart!

Think'st thou we forget thee, fear land of our birth,

Though banished far from thee abroad on the earth?

The songs thy bards sung—the land that they trod—

We love them—we love thee—thou blessed old sod!

Thy green flag floats not in thy borders to-day,

But it floats in the hearts of thy sons far away;

And we hail "harp" and "sunburst" with hearty huzza,

God bless thee, dear Ireland! Erin go brash!


        Stockport-on-Hudson, N.Y., March 15, 1909.

Troy Times. March 17, 1909.

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