Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"St. Patrick" by Rev. T.L. Drury (1917)

St. Patrick.


To him who loved his fellowman

        And noble service gave,

Of leaders true was in the van

        And good as he was brave,

We sing our song of praise!

The faithful souls are only great,

        Because they live to serve;

Behind the church, behind the state,

        Are still their thought and nerve,

Their love sincere and pure!

We honor such by speech and song

        In church or banquet hall;

There catch their spirit that is strong,

        Which spurs us one and all

To live to thrive and serve!

And great was he, our valiant saint,

        Whose noble sentiment,

Whose life and love without complaint

        Were all divinely spent

To help his fellowman!

No laurels won by soldiers brave

        In all the fields of war

Can e'er compare with deeds that save

        The souls of men; they are

The monuments of God!

The great achievements men attain,

        In earthly grandeur seen

Compared to character are vain;

        Compared to life serene

They are an empty show!

And this is why we render praise

        To those whose service good,

Thro' ages long, thro' mist and maze,

        Have fought for brotherhood,

Hence rich their legacy!

To honor him who raised aloft

        A race through Christian love,

Can loyal souls not meet too oft

        To ever, ever prove

In them his spirit lives!

Troy Times. March 17, 1917

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