Monday, November 18, 2013

"Among the Books" by Rev. T.L. Drury (1915)

Among the Books.


I love to sit among the books,

        Whose images are rare;

The wealth of thought of ages vast

        Is found forever there.

And there I do communicate

        With men of ancient time,

Who, with the men of modern worth,

        Have learning made sublime.

I love to read their ancient lore,

        Their strange philosophy,

For there I touch each noble soul

        That made the ages see.

By them I know how progress came,

        How poets true were made,

How world has found a larger light,

        Has voice of truth obeyed.

And noble books are friends indeed,

        Their fellowship is sweet,

For rich the minds of ages are,

        In wisdom always meet.

Hence we are products of the creed

        Our ancient brothers gave,

And upward move by modern thought,

        That frees the mental slave.

Then why not sit among the books,

        And catch forever there

A glimpse of God thro' noble minds,

        That give us visions rare?

Troy Times. July 17, 1915

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