Monday, May 12, 2014

"What's the News?" by Jeduthan Jones (1873)

"What's the News?"


"What's the news?"—Wal, ain't you heard—

    Most o'people hear the wind;

Can't you hear that singin' bird?

    Are you deaf an' dumb an' blind?

Wal, now, neighbor, don't you hear

    What these gentle zephyrs say?

Why, they pipe it shrill an' clear—

    Spring's a-comin' up this way!

Can't you hear the crow's sweet song?

    Don't you hear the partridge drummin'?

Why, they say it, loud an' long

    An' both together, Spring's a-comin'!

Where's your never failin' sign

    That all the wealth of Summer brings?

Ain't the great sun crossed the line?—

    You don't git the drift o' things.

Spring is comin'—there's a show

    Of somethin' warmer in the sky,

Somewhat we take by faith below—

    We shall know it by an' by.

Troy Times. May 10, 1874: 4 col 1.

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