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“The Soldier’s Monument (Brandon, Vt.)” by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1926)

The Soldier’s Monument.

(Brandon, Vt.)


Hon'ring gallant men who went

        To the war from Brandon Town,

Stands the stately monument,

        With a soldier for its crown.

What was once a sculptor's dream,

        Hiding in a block of stone,

Now becomes the poet's theme,

        With the soldier on his throne!

There the Union here stands,

        Filled with patriotic pride;

With his musket in his hands

        And his scabbard by his side.

Like a sentinel on guard,

        At his post, supremely fair;

Looking not for earth's reward,

        But to do his duty there.

What a credit to the Town,

        Such a monument appears,

To the men we claim our own—

        Brandon's sturdy Mountaineers!

How impressive is the sight,

        To behold the passerby,

Whether it be day or night,

        On the soldier cast his eye.

Oft I wonder what men think,

        As I watched them read the roll

Of the names—in fadeless ink—

        Chiseled on the granite scroll.

Patriotism cannot fade

        Where such influences flow;

What impressions it has made

        None but God will ever know!

Let us guard with loving care

        Such a splendid work of art;

May no hand its worth impair;

        May no fame from it depart!

'Neath the monument so grand

        Floral tributes gently lay;

In its glory let it stand,

        Wreath-crowned each Memorial Day!

        Brandon, Vt.

Troy Times. May 29, 1926: 20 col 2.

Gruber, Samuel. "Brandon Vermont Civil War Monument: Solitary Soldier Stands Guard." Public Art and Memory. June 8, 2013.

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