Friday, May 23, 2014

"Our Annual Tribute" by Rev. A.S. Clark (1919)

Our Annual Tribute.


Once more from nature's lavish store

        We bear choice gems of May,

And on each martial hero's grave

        A garland fair we lay

Those sons who went at duty's call

        Must not forgotten be,

Sleep they at home by hill or vale

        Or far across the sea

In days when Freedom was assailed

        By stern and hostile hand

They hurried forth like saviors true

        At Liberty's command,

Beneath those silent tents of green

        Sleep men of valor rare;

A nation's best, the pride of home—

        The brave, the good, the fair.

That flag so honored far and wide,

        Blest emblem of the right,

Floats by their service, pain and blood

        Somewhere in Freedom's fight.

As sons and daughters of the free

        Let us love's tribute pay,

And on each martial hero's grave

        Spring's brightest garland lay.

        Round Lake.

Troy Times. May 29, 1919: 7 col 1.

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