Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Spring!" by Joyce O'Pray (1933)



There's a heartiness in the way

That blithesome children play;

In the gay song the robins sing

There's glad, welcome spring.

Suburbanites their gardens plan,

Trying to surpass the neighboring man;

From morn to night, an echo rings

Of the harboring of growing things.

Choking brooks and grassy sprouts

Leap and swell with joyous shouts;

All nature ope's her portals,

And spring's songs sway the hearts of mortals.

From your firesides break away!

Spend all the day in careless play!

Face the dawn with god-like cheer,

For a new springtime is here!

Troy Times. April 21, 1933: 20 col 1.

Joyce O'Pray Mohan Lower (1914-1991)

St. Peter's Cemetery, Stillwater, NY


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