Friday, May 30, 2014

"Somewhere" by Anna M. Toohey (1927)



Somewhere the May flowers cluster,

        Tender and sweetly today,

Tracing the graves of beloved ones

        Under the sod and the spray;

Blossoms of northland and southland

        Strewn over heroes at rest,

Wafting their hallowed fragrance

        Wherever lie fallen the blest.

Somewhere the voices of mothers,

        Blending with comrades' today,

Murmur in fond benedictions

        O'er every banner-strewn way,

Proudly acclaiming the valor

        Of bravest of braves, long ago

Ere proud scars were hid 'neath the cypress

        Or the chill of red battle waves' flow.

Somewhere they linger to greet us,

        As in many a happier day,

Afar from the shadows of warfare

        On crimson-stained valleys or way,

Amid the blest ranks over yonder,

        Where the laurels of Peace never fade

And the souls of true victors forever

        Gleam in glory that Heaven hath made.

Troy Times. May 28, 1927: 7 col 1.

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