Sunday, May 11, 2014

"The Union Fair" (1865)

The Union Fair.

Union has its troubles

        If it is a joy;

If yu don't believe it

        See our Fair at Troy.

Take the cars for ten pence,

        Cross a bridge for two;

Pay your quarter—enter—

        Don't I tell you true?

Look around you sonny!

        Gaze around my boy!

Wouldn't you imagine!

        You were up at Troy!

Horses, cows and roosters,

        Photographs and fruit;

Organs, stoves and bedquilts,

        Man and fowl and brute.

Fresh from "Rensler" county!

        Don't you see my boy,

What a thing is Union

        When you join with Troy!

Troy must have the glory!

        Troy must make a show!

Troy can beat its neighbors

        People ought to know?

What's the use of talking,

        Clear the way for Troy;

That's the way to manage

        Union Fairs my boy.

Daily Albany Argus. September 22, 1865: 1 col 4.

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