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"To the First Birds of Spring" by Rev. A. S. Clark (1921)

To the First Birds of Spring.


Happy birds! happy birds, from the Southland once more

With your carols that tell us that winter is o'er;

We have thought of you much through the long frigid hours,

O thrice welcome again to our woodlands and bowers.

        You have come with blest cheer,

        So we welcome you here.

Happy birds! happy birds, dearest warblers of spring,

While the bleak winds were blowing O where did you sing?

Over mountains and valleys have you hastened your flight;

On the wing with the gleam of morn's earliest light.

        We have wished for you long,

        For there's joy in your song.

Happy birds! happy birds, you'll be missed while away;

Loving hearts will be thinking of you every day.

Why is it you're loved so, little birds of fair wing?

Ah! the answer is plain, there is joy where you sing.

        There'll be gladness each day,

        Happy birds, while you stay.

Happy birds! happy birds, ever heralds of spring,

You repeat a life maxim wherever you sing;

You will always be welcome, young or old, you may know,

If you bear a sweet song wheresoever you go.

        Do you go with a song,

        'T is come often, stay long.

        Round Lake.

Troy Times. March 14, 1921: 11 col 2.

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