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"As Nature Seems in May" by Rev. T. L. Drury (1921)

As Nature Seems in May.


Within my garden fair and clean,

There God at any time is seen;

In flower and plant, in climbing vine

His glory doth serenely shine.

In blossoms sweet on every tree

His beauty there we all may see;

And every scene this morn in May

Doth charmingly his light display.

And all the birds on trees around

In chorus join; how sweet the sound

Of nature's music to the ear

Of him who loves this choir to hear.

This morn in May, when o'er the hills

The rising sun so grandly fills

All nature round with silver beams

Of light till here like heaven seems.

How true the thought, that earth is full

Of things that are so beautiful;

And they are there to give delight

To all who love their aspect bright.

So God is in his garden fair,

Which nature is, whose beauties rare

Reflect the wisdom, light and love,

And symbols are of things above.

Hence all depends on you and me

How much of glory we may see,

In works of God around us here,

And also learn that God is near.

Who then would not enjoy each day

Here in this lovely month of May,

And walk mid scenes that do impart

A joy serene to cheer each heart?

        St. Albans, Vt.

Troy Times. May 19, 1921: 7 col 4.

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