Monday, May 26, 2014

“To-Day” by Annie M. Toohey (1915)



Not only a flag and a flower,

Not only a pean of praise,

Where ashes of heroes are gathered,

'Mid silent and shadowy ways;

But the throbbing of hearts ever loyal

And mem'ries of deeds of the brave

Inspire us to scatter around them

Sweetest flowers for every grave.

Not only a prayer by the hillside,

Not only a glancing afar

Through lattice of heavenly azure,

Oft lit by a sunbeam or star,

But the tributes of lips ever loyal

As banners their colors unfold,

And we bless the old comrades that linger

Again 'mid the earth's fading and mould.

Not only because they were heroes

And sank on the mead or the main,

Where never again we may trace them,

With cadence of battle refrain;

Yet we know that in ranks never broken

By conflict of life's cruel fray

They are marching to-day unto triumph,

'Mid the lilies of peace far away.

Troy Times. May 31, 1915

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