Saturday, May 31, 2014

"May" by Sister Ruth (1893)



As o'er the hillside I roamed to-day,

Whom should I meet but laughing May!

May—with hands full of blossoms rare;

May—with never a thought nor care;

May—with her skies so blue and fair;

Beautiful, blossoming May!

After the clouds of the April skies,

Velvety moss 'neath my footstep lies;

Petals of flow'rets shine pure and white,

Under the rays of the sun so bright;

Bathed in the warmth of the mellow light,

Shed from the azure skies.

Welcome, thrice welcome, beautiful May!

Birds are singing a roundelay;

Bearing a burden of flowers so sweet,

Ever thy presence we lovingly greet,

Hillside and meadow thy beauty repeat,

Beautiful, beautiful May.

Troy Daily Times. May 6, 1893: 2 col 2.

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