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“Our Memorial Day” by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1921)

Our Memorial Day.


The war-scarred veterans sleep,

        In death's cold citadel,

Unmoved by those who weep,

        For whom they fought and fell:

They faced the thundering cannonade,

Life's sacrifice supreme they made.

That awful sacrifice

        Was made for you and me;

Their life's blood was the price,

        Our blessing—Liberty!

Let gratitude for such a gift

With praise the sun-lit welkin rift!

If aliens wonder why

        We hail the month of May,

We'll give them our reply

        On Decoration day:


A record-breaker may it prove—

A great Memorial Day of love!

Then close the mart and store,

        Your pleasures cast aside;

Be loyal to the core

        In patriotic pride:

Hail, hail the imposing cavalcade

And help to swell the grand parade!

The music of the band

        Fills every soul with awe,

While by the graves we stand

        And 'round the speakers draw,

To hear of deeds heroic done,

How strongholds fell and fields were won!

With kindly hands the graves

        Are marked and strewn with flowers;

The little ensign waves

        Beneath the maple bowers,

And nature, robed in living green,

Adds glory to the sacred scene.

The crowd, impressed, departs

        And homeward wends its way;

Thousands of tender hearts

        Thank God for such a day:

A day when patriots may prove

Their heartfelt comradeship and love.

In God is still our trust,

        His mercies never fail;

His laws are pure and just,

        Through Him we shall prevail:

America, hang up thy sword,

Have faith in God, entrust His word!

        Waterford, N.Y.

Troy Times. May 28, 1921: 12 col 2.

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