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“No Braver Men Than Those in Blue” by Rev. T. L. Drury (1918)

No Braver Men Than Those in Blue


No braver men have marhed in line

        Than men who wore the blue,

Whose loyal purpose and design

        They nobly carried through.

No fiercer battles were there fought,

        No greater deeds were done,

No greater service ever sought

        Than that by which they won.

No love was more sincere and true,

        No faith was more sublime

In what they did and had in view,

        Than marked their service time.

No greater sacrifice was made,

        Unselfish spirit shown,

Than that the men in blue displayed,

        By which their deeds are known.

Now what their service means we know;

        The grand result we see;

It's then for us to bravely show

        Them honor pure and free.

And those were days of awful gloom,

        That held the nation bound;

But now above each battle tomb

        The joys of hope abound.

Our tribute then is gratitude,

        Sincerely deep and free—

A spirit now with love imbued

        For home and liberty.

For not a single star was lost

        From this dear flag we love;

The awful sacrifice and cost

        Did greater blessing prove.

We honor you who did so well,

        Whose loyalty was grand;

May long your praise in anthems swell

        Throughout our native land.

Again, to-day the bugle's call

        Is heard afar and near,

To which the loyal, once and all,

        Respond for duty here.

O men in blue! your spirit still

        Is strong as it is free;

For see them bravely go at will,

        Our youth across the sea!

The cause for which you fought, they fight

        With courage great, sublime—

For freedom and for human right

        For world and future time.

Troy Times. May 29, 1918

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