Sunday, May 25, 2014

"A Prayer for the Veterans" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1928)

A Prayer for the Veterans.


O God, our Father, hear our prayer

        For our aged veterans, living still;

Protect them by Thy watchful care,

        With life divine their spirits fill.

Remember, Lord, the sacrifice

        They nobly made to keep us free,

And what a costly, staggering price

        They paid to save democracy.

When they were active, young and strong,

        Unselfishly they gave their all

To overthrow the cause of wrong—

        Responsive to their country's call.

And now, in age and feebleness,

        As they the hill of life descend,

May they Thy saving grace possess

        And find in Thee their changeless Friend.

O God, may each Memorial Day

        Stir up our patriotic fires,

That we may be as true as they—

        Our loyal, patriotic sires!

        Melrose, N. Y.

Troy Times. May 29, 1918: 16 col 2.

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