Tuesday, May 27, 2014

"Spring Fever" by Dr. Sigel Roush (1926)

Spring Fever.


They say that this is Spring,

        Nor do I doubt it;

Of birds and flowers they sing—

        Well, what about it?

I've seen a Spring before—

        Is it surprising?

Not one but many more,

        And grass uprising.

I've planted garden sass,

        The morning glory,

I've seen them come and pass—

        The same old story.

And yet folks act as though

        'Twas something novel

To wield the spade and hoe,

        And push the shovel.

I know full well and sweat,

        The endless weeding,

The pests and bugs we get

        Soon after seeding.

So let them strut their stuff

        With plaint and poem;

For me I've had enough,

        By heck, I know 'em.

Troy Times May 3, 1926: 9 col 1.

Dr. Sigel Roush (1862-1952)

Barnes Cemetery, Hillboro, Ohio


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