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“Memorial Poem, 1922” by Rev. A. S. Clark (1922)

Memorial Poem, 1922.


Once more from springtime's wealth of bloom

        We bear rare gems of flowery May,

And on each martial hero's tomb

        A garland fair and sweet we lay.

Those sons who went at duty's call

        Must not by us forgotten be,

Sleep they where homeland's shadows fall,

        Or far from friends across the sea.

Beneath those silent tents of green

        Rest men to-day of valor rare,

No nobler sons hath earth e'er seen—

        The good, the young, the loved are there.

In times when Freedom was assailed

        By foes of strong, relentless hand,

With loyalty that never failed

        They heard Columbia's command.

That flag so cherished near and far,

        Blest emblem ever of the right—

The flag that never lost a star,

        Was borne to honor by their might.

As we recount their deeds sublime,

        Oh! may not freemen e'er forget

That triumphs noblest of all time

        Await hearts true and valiant yet.

Not on the field of martial strife

        Where crimson tides make red the sod,

But in the battles grand of life

        Fought for men's uplift and for God.

No hour so grand to be and do

        Since He whom King and Lord we own

Came on love's wondrous mission new—

        Earth's Daysman from the Father's throne.

Faint not, for truth must win the day!

        Those principles of righteousness

Worldwide shall have the right of way,

        And nations yet unborn shall bless.

Then let us make those triumphs sure;

        Each give the best in Truth's great fight;

Stand firm that Freedom may endure,

        And our land be earth's beacon light.

        Round Lake, May 27, 1922.

Troy Times. May 29, 1922: 7 col 2.

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