Sunday, May 25, 2014

"Memorial Day, 1917" by Frances V. Hubbard (1917)

Memorial Day, 1917


Memorial Day. Green-tented mounds, flower covered,

        Attest the honor shown the patriot braves;

-To-day, above the graves where sleep our heroes,

        The Flag, the Flag they loved, now proudly waves.

Those of the far, far years who formed our nation,

        Those who in civil strife fought, bled and died,

Those who from haughty Spain wrenched her dominions

        And fell in battle, sleep, oft, side by side.

To-day, when gathering, gathering to the colors,

        Our youth, the glory of our nation, come,

When, day by day, we see them pass before us,

        Stepping, all proudly, to the beating drum.

To-day, from heav'n above a mighty army

        Looks down upon the land it died to save

And, with fond benedictions, guards our heroes

        Who will defend the Banner of the Brave.

Troy Times. May 29, 1917

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