Friday, May 30, 2014

"Twilight" by Annie M. Toohey (1924)


'Tis twilight adown the Potomac,

        And over the San Juan plain,

And afar where the dusk stars are gleaming

        On Belleau's dense woodlands again.

And wherever our braves reunited

        March onward in treasured array,

Or sleep on the hallowed hillsides

        Or under the deep oceans' spray.

'Tis twilight across the dim Argonne,

        And again by old Hindenburg Line,

Where under the barbed shafts of conflict

        In ambush hid many a mine,

And where from the stillness of trenches,

        Oft arose a voice pleadingly low,

Calling "Mother," that only the angels

        Could answer then truly we know.

'Tis twilight along the blue Hudson,

        Flowing past our own homelands beside,

As the petals of virgin-white lilies

        Of Peace scattered o'er the May tide

Grace the proud craft of Memory mooring

        Anigh our proud banner-strewn shore--

Inspiring our hearts to remember

        Our heroes are blest evermore.

                        ANNIE M. TOOHEY.

Troy Times. May 29, 1924: 4 col 4.

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