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“These Were the Boys” by Rev. A. S. Clark (1925)

Those Were the Boys


Saratoga County Chaplain Civil War Veterans.

These were the boys who went forth to the conflict

        In the days of their country's sore need;

These were the men who bore back our loved banner,

        Of whose valor with pride we e'er read.

These were the boys, shall we ever forget them?

        Or their deeds as the years shall go by?

Not while it floats, our dear flag, in the breezes,

        O! so grandly, 'neath Liberty's sky.

These were the boys, O how sad they must leave us!

        But we'll guard well their graves down the years,

And will pray unto God in His wisdom to save us

        From stern war's desolation and tears.

These were the boys, make bright all with fair garlands

        Each dear spot where these soldier boys sleep.

May no grave of our heroes be passed by unhonored

        As this day of blest memory we keep.

        Round Lake, N. Y.

Troy Times. May 29, 1925: 16 col 2.

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