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"On the death of Thomas Seleski Waterman" by A.M.N. (1843)


        On the death of THOMAS SELESKI, only child of William and Almira Waterman, who died, March 12th, 1843. Mr. Waterman being absent at the time rendered the circumstances more affecting.

And is he gone! the gay and laughing boy,

Whose bounding step, seemed on the breezes borne.

His Father's idol, and the brightest joy

Of her, whose heart successive griefs had worn:

Her who had clung with such unearthly love,

To one who woke the sweetest hopes of bliss,

While hovering 'round him like a lonely dove;

Ah, little thought she of an hour like this—

While his glad voice she hailed at early day,

And gazed delighted on his sparkling eye,

And thought on him, they loved, now far away,—

She never dreamed her cherished one—would die.

As some tall flower that bows its stately head,

Scathed and blasted, by the lightning's wing,

While heaven's refreshing dews were o'er it shed,

And it was fanned by the rich breath of spring—

Tho' those she loved, did her so early fade,

The God who formed them, for bright worlds on high,

Removed them gently to a holier shade,

To live and bloom beneath a purer sky;

Oh may she bow submissive to the will

Of Him, who doth our destinies control;

And while she feels that death had power to kill,

May she rejoice—immortal is the soul. A. M. N.

Daily Troy Budget. April 17, 1843: 2 col 6.

Thomas Seleski Waterman is interred somewhere in Old Mount Ida Cemetery:

"Thomas S. Waterman, d. March 12, 1843, 9 yr. 1 mo. 12 dy."

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