Monday, January 27, 2014

"Troy" by Col. William H. Rowe, Jr.


Once again the dear old town

        To me of so much joy;

Here's another toast to you,

        And to the men of the City of Troy.

Here's to John Dou, Frank Mann, the Shields,

        Arthur Smith, Frank Twining and Hi Gordinier;

May everything in life come to them,

        And all that they hold dear.

Here's to Editor James H. Potts, the Thomases,

        The Darlings, the Fellows and Roy Brown;

May they get all their desires,

        And all the best in town.

May it be sweetest of music,

        Yes, the sweetest songs of the larks,

For Le Grand Cramer, the Hawleys, the Moreys,

        Harry Ludlow and R. Edson Starks.

Here's to Frank Norton, Henry Wheeler, John Knox,

        John MacNamara, the Warners and Walter Mead;

May they have all the good of life,

        And be blessed with the kindliest deed.

Here's to Doctor Gordinier, George Alden, the Tibbits,

        Edward M. Green and the Blosses, Doctors J. P. and Fred;

Wherever it is, wherever they go,

        May they all come out ahead.

Here's to the Winslows, the Bradleys, the Williamsons,

        The Hagans, the Jacobs, Knowlson and Kings;

May all sorts of luck be borne to them,

        Yes, borne on the swiftest of wings.

The Greens, the Corlisses, the Crandells,

        The Bushes, the Griffiths and the Connors;

May all the best in life be theirs,

        May they win all coveted honors.

Here's to Doctors Fairweather, Bissell, Green,

        Buchanan, Cooper, Booth, Bontecou;

Here's the highest medical honors,

        My wish for each one of you.

Here's to the servants of God in Troy,

        They stand ready to answer each call;

Walsh, Freeman, Enos, Simmons,

        Anderson, Mead, Babcock and Hall.

Here's to the Colwells, the Hayners, the Specks,

        The Betts, the Drapers and all;

I wish I could think of every one

        On whom I would like to call.

Rowe, William H., Jr. Verse and Toast. Vol. 2. Albany, NY: J.B. Lyon, 1908. 96-97.

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