Friday, January 3, 2014

"Jack Frost's Halloween" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1918)

Jack Frost's Halloween


Jack Frost broke loose the other night,

A Halloween had he;

He knocked the mercury out of sight;

He painted every pane of light

And glued the sash of windows tight,

        In his frivolity.

He made a call at every home

And passed no stranger by.

he pinched the hen and rooster's comb;

Turned cows' and horses' breath to foam:

Filled every nostril full of rheum,

        Himself to gratify.

He cracked the boilers, burst the pumps

And closed some mills and schools.

He startled us with bangs and thumps;

he filled some kiddies with the mumps

And left their parents in the dumps,

        According to his rules.

He crawled along the cellar floor,

Searched every bin and dish;

He heard the fiery furnace roar,

Knew coal supply would soon be o'er

And almost all one had in store:

        Jack Frost has had his wish.

Troy Times. January 11, 1918: 18 col 2.

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