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"Poem on Easter" by Rev. Susie Pimlott (1926)

        Poem On Easter.

        The following poem, written by the Rev. Susie Pimlott of Round Lake, is of interest:

The Savior sleeps; so pure.

        The Roman guard surround;

Laid in the tomb secure,

        No hope for man is found.

Dark as a pall, the night;

        Gloom and sad, the day,

Sorrowing women at early light,

        Haste, to the tomb away.

With spices sweet and rare,

        Ao anoint they hasten on;

Nor dream of the Angel fair,

        ‘Till they see the shining one.

“Be not afraid,” the Angel plead;

        “The stone is rolled away;

He is risen, as he said,

        Early, at break of day.”

“Come see the empty place,

        The tomb where Jesus lay;”

The Angel said, with radiant face,

        The women gladly obey.

Hallelujah, He is risen;

        The message to womankind;

He rose from his rocky prison,

        To liberate all mankind.

The grave is robbed of her prey;

        Joy sings in every heart.

This glad new Easter day,

        In mine shall have a part.

Saratogian. April 9, 1926: 6 col 5.

“[Rev. John R. Pimlott (1845-1920)] was married February 15, 1868, to Susie Bailey, a native of Troy, N. Y., and a daughter of Henry and Sarah (Jones) Bailey. They were the parents of one child, which died in infancy. Mrs. Pimlott is a valuable assistant to her husband in his revival meetings.”

"1920 The Methodist Episcopal Church grants women the right to be licensed as local preachers.”

“Timeline of Women in Methodism.” United Methodist Church.

"Levings has given preachers to the church. William H. Smith, Samuel A. Kirkbride, William Dunning and Thomas M. Bishop came from Levings Church. John R. Pimlott lived here after he returned from the active ministry, and was a member of the quarterly conference. In this list should also be named Mrs. Pimlott, who joined Levings Church earlier than anyone else now living, and who is to this day energetic and actively interested in the work of God. Mrs. Pimlott was granted a local preacher’s license in 1921 by Levings quarterly conference.”

“Pageant Opens Centennial of Levings Church; ‘Historic Levings’ To Be Presented as First Program of Celebration This Evening.” Times Record [Troy, NY]. September 21, 1938: 3 cols 2-4.

“ROUND LAKE, March 16.—Mrs. Susie Pimlott, widow of Rev. John R. Pimlott, died Monday at the Hodgeman home at Fort Edward of a heart attack. She was over 80. She is survived by a brother, Frank W. Bailey of Albany, and a sister, Mrs. Hattie Thompson of Troy.

“Mrs. Pimlott in May closed her home here, where she moved in 1926, six years after the death of her husband. They had both been active in establishing missions and doing evangelistic work.”

“Mrs. Pimlott Succumbs At Fort Edward Home.” Schenectady Gazette. March 17, 1939: 12.

“A song composed by Mrs. Susie Pimliott will be sung by the members.”

“Round Lake.” Troy Times. July 2, 1926: 13 col 3.

“Mrs. Susie Pimliott gave an interesting poem and each member was called to give a short story or recite.”

“Round Lake News.” Ballston Spa Daily Journal. June 11, 1928: 2 col 1.

“Mrs. Susie Pimliott read a poem and each member gave a short recitation or story.”

“Interesting Program.” Saratogian. June 13, 1928: 7 col 1.

“Mrs. Susie Pimliott read Abraham Lincoln’s favorite poem, ‘Oh, Why Should the Spirit of Mortal Be Proud.' Mrs. Woodruff favored with two poems appropriate for the occasion, ‘My Love Ship,’ and ‘What I Live For.’”

“Sunday School Class Surprise for Member, 90.” Saratogian. February 13, 1934: 8 col 5.

“Mrs. Tabor also read a poem on Florida written by Mrs. Susie Pimliott of Round Lake, which was published in the St. Petersburg Independent, in April, 1935. Mrs. Mitchell read an original poem entitled ‘My Florida.’”

“Florida Party Given in Honor of Mrs. Mitchell.” Saratogian. August 26, 1935: 6 col 4.

“Mrs. Tabor also read a poem on Florida written by Mrs. Susie Pimliott and published in the St. Petersburg ‘Independent’ of April, 1935.”

Ballston Spa Daily Journal. August 26, 1935: 3 col 4.

“Mrs. Tabor also read a poem on Florida, written by Mrs. Susie Pimliott of Round Lake. Mrs. Mitchell read an original poem.”

“Hold Florida Party at Round Lake House.” Schenectady Gazette. August 27, 1935: 10 col 8.

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