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"Victory Christmas" by Caroline Winchell Pember (1918)

Victory Christmas


Victory Christmas! Ring the bells,

Till through the land their music swells!

For right has conquered might to-day;

"Our boys" are on their homeward way.

Victory Christmas! Tell it out!

No more we dwell in fear and doubt!

No pirate foe lurks on our shore,

The "call to arms" is heard no more.

Victory Christmas! Tell it o'er

Till hearts shall throb from shore to shore!

The tyrant who would conquer all

Is humbled now beyond recall.

Ring out the bells, extol the brave,

Who died for us, the land to move!

And from the heart thank God, to-day,

That cruel strife has passed away.

       Wells, Vt.

Troy Times. December 24, 1918: 3 col 1.

A few late finds of Troy Times Christmas poems, of which the above is one... some people still have their decorations up, I'm guessing?


Rutland Herald, Dec., 1872

Again we hear those dear old words

        So full of song and rhyme—

Again ring out the joyous bells

        For the merry Christmas time!

Glad sounds! They tell of warmth and love,

        Of home, and the dear ones there:

Bringing once more a youthful thrill

        To hearts grown old with care.

They whisper of God's great love to us,

        They tell of the blessed morn,

When angels filled the earth with song,

        When Christ the Lord was born!

Our hearts are glad; because we know

        His love toward us, remains

The same as when the guiding star,

        Shone over Bethlehem's plains;

Then let not bitter hate and wrong

Lend discord to the chime;

But let the vine of charity

        Bear fruit, at Christmas time.

Pember, Carolyn Winchell. Household Rhymes. Geneva, NY: W.F. Humphrey, 1913. 14-15.

“CAROLYN WINCHELL […] Born Olive, N.Y., 2 Nov. 1846; m. at Caroline Center, N.Y., 3 Oct., 1872, Emmett R. Pember, a farmer and lumber dealer of Wells, Vt. […] Carolyn was educated at Ithaca Academy and Fort Edward Institute. She is active in patriotic societies and a state officer in the D. A. R. She has contributed often to the press, especially in poetry. She wrote A Song of Old Vermont, used widely at Vermont reunions, and has published a book of Household Rhymes from which the following is taken to illustrate her style [her poem “Two Moods” follows]”

Winchell, Newton H. and Alexander Winchell. The Winchell Genealogy. 2nd ed. 1917. 317.

Carolyn Winchell Pember (1846-1932)

Wells Town Cemetery, Wells, Rutland County, VT

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