Sunday, January 5, 2014

"The Late Rev. Dr. J. W. Somerville" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1925)

The Late Rev. Dr. J. W. Somerville.


Troy Conference against has bereaved,

        And called to mourn the death of Somerville—

        A man of stalwart body, mind and will,

Whose soul was great as was his work achieved.

He preached the simple Gospel he believed,

        And organized his gospel teams to till

        The soils of needy sections, and fulfill

The obligations that his heart conceived.

Evangelism and Christian stewardship,

        By precept and example, he declared;

The Fundamentals held with giant-grip

        And many a broken, hopeless life repaired:

The mem'ry of his life's a fragrant leaven,

Inspiring men and now enriching heaven!

Troy Times. January 19, 1925: 14 col 2.

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