Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Lines upon the death of a young friend Charles Freddie Atwood" (1863)


Lines upon the death of a young friend, Charles Freddie Atwood—Respectfully dedicated to his Mother.

God gave, and He has taken,

        One that we so dearly loved;

But we hope one day to meet him

        In his heavenly home above.

Young, bright and beautiful,

        Though unto manhood grown;

The hope, pride, joy of our life,

        God called him for His own.

Our hearts were bound to thee, dear one,

        The link was hard to sever;

Though while we linger here on earth

        We will forget thee, never.

Farewell, Freddie; 'tis hard to part.

        But like a hallowed spell,

Thy image ever in our heart

        With love and faith shall dwell.

Troy Daily Times. May 11, 1863: 3 col 4.

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