Saturday, January 4, 2014

Troy newspaper poets buried in Troy (and elsewhere)

A partial list of interment locations of poets published in Troy newspapers:

John Baker's obituary indicated "his ashes will be deposited at his loved summer home at Linekin, Me" ("Obituary." Troy Times. February 4, 1922: 3 col 1.)

Others yet to find, several of whom have yet to be fully identified in order to locate them, including:

Lucy H. Batt

Mrs. Harriet E. Benedict

Capt. William J. Cunningham, Sr. (d. June 1944)

Benjamin Danforth

Melanchton Fairchild

Frank Fletcher

Benjamin Homer Hall (d. April 8, 1893)

Harry C. Hearman (d. August 21, 1941)

Franklin Jay Parmenter (d. March 29, 1912)

Col. William H. Rowe, Jr. (d. May 24, 1928)

Arthur E. Smith

Ethan O. Smith

John J. Stegmayer (d. aft 1939)

Mary Lena Saxton Thompson AKA Sister Ruth (d. November 24, 1948)

Lena S. Thompson (d. Nov 24, 1948)

Annie S. Wallis

Ebenezer Wilson, Jr. (d. 1843)

Roland B. Woodin

Josiah L. Young

They weren't necessarily even New York residents, much less Troy residents, so it might be challenging.

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