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"Troy Conference Reaches Her Centenary Port" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1919)

Troy Conference Reaches Her Centenary Port

        (A congratulatory sonnet to the ministry and laity of Troy Conference in honor of the splendid achievement of the Conference in going "over the top" in the Centenary drive.)


Like some great airship that has crossed the sea,

Troy Conference wings her Centenary Port—

Captained by Burt, Brown, Keeney, Higgins, Fort;

Mead, Statham, Angeil, Sturgess, Pardon me,

The pastor-pilots turned the golden key

That opened laymen's treasures; many caught

The vision and began to pray, exhort

And tithe—the miracle's a mystery!

To her traditions Troy is proudly true

And stable as her rock-ribbed mountain peaks;

With zeal she puts her obligations through

And Methodism listens when she speaks:

Troy is a Centenary leader now,

"Over the Top"—with laurels on her brow!

Troy Times. June 7, 1919

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