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"Beloved Alice Cary" by Carolyn Winchell Pember (1871)


Ithaca Journal, Feb., 1871

Thy voice is hushed!—thy hand is still

        And we miss the snatches of song:—

The homely ballads and quaint old rhymes

        We have known and loved so long.

Sometimes they came when our hearts were light

        When life seemed a gala-day;

Sometimes when its glory was turned to night,

        When dear friends were far away.

But whenever they came, in sunshine or storm

        A place in our hearts they found:

For they held a strange though gentle charm,

        And a quiet, home-like sound.

        They whispered of patience, of hope and love

        Of faith and a modest grace,

        While above and around them seemed to shine

        The light of thy womanly face,—

A face that told of its patient toil,

        Of watching and waiting long;—

Of one who had learned through grief and tears

        To suffer on and grow strong.

Thou hast reigned the queen of nature's songs

        A lovely household fairy,

Thou are singing now in brighter climes

        "Beloved, Alice Cary!"

Pember, Carolyn Winchell. Household Rhymes. Geneva, NY: W.F. Humphrey, 1913.

Alice Cary (1820-1871)

Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings County, NY

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