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"Death of James V. Eddy" by Charles H. H. (1872)

Death of James V. Eddy, Dec. 15, 1871.

See our darling little Jamie

        Peaceful in his slumber lay;

Gently to the grave we'd bear him,

        Lay him from our sight away.

Sweet one, thou art gone forever,

        We no more thy voice shall hear;

Gone to brighter worlds above us,

        Far above all sin and care.

But we know that God is wisdom,

        Brings afflicting to us all;

And we humbly bow before him,

        Waiting for his future call.

List and hear the angels' welcome,

        As our child floats far above;

We'll not weep, for Christ has called him,

        And we know that God is love.

Dec. 21st, 1871. CHAS. H. H.

Troy Daily Whig. February 20, 1872: 3 col 4.

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