Sunday, January 5, 2014

"A Golden Wedding Sonnet" by Rev. Joseph C. Booth (1915)

A Golden Wedding Sonnet.

(To Rev. Dr. Mrs. Hughes, Mechanicville.)


Chief-Nestor of Troy Conference, all hail!

The Church of Methodism honors thee

And owns with pride thy marked ability.

For more than fifty years, o'er hill and dale,

Thou didst, as prophet, hear the joyful tale

Of man's redemption. Thou hast held the key

Of statesmanship and wise diplomacy

And led the church of God through cloud and gale!

On June fifteenth in eighteen-sixty-five,

Upon the nuptial sea thou didst embark;

And now, thou dost old memories recall

As to thy Jubilee thou dost arrive.

To Doctor Hughes and wife, good wishes mark

Their wedding anniversary from us all.

Troy Times. June 16, 1915: 13 col 3.

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