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"A Centennial Memorial" by Sylvander Green Benson (1889)


Our father's God, from out whose hand

The centuries fall like grains of sand,

We meet to-day, united, free,

And loyal to our land and Thee,

To thank Thee for the era done

And trust Thee for the opening one.

Through storm and calm the years have sped

        Our nation on from stage to stage

A century's space, until we tread

        The threshold of another age.

Surging across our pathway swept

        A torrent fierce of blood and fire;

We thank the ruling power who kept

        Our city safe from mad desire.

Oh! checkered train of years, farewell,

        With all thy strifes, and hopes, and fears:

But with us let thy memories dwell,

        To warn and lead the coming years.

And thou, the new-beginning age,

        Warned by the past, and not in vain,

Write on a fairer, whiter page

        The record of thy happier reign.

                                                        —S. G. Benson.

Troy Daily Times. January 5, 1889: 3 col 3.

The funeral of Sylvander G. Benson was held from the Universalist church at 10:30 o'clock this morning. There was a large attendance of relatives and friends. Among those from out of the city was Mrs. Martha A. Whitman of Orange, N.J., a sister of the deceased. Rev. H. Bernard Smith, pastor of the church, officiated and was assisted by Rev. H. Bernard Smith, pastor of the church, officiated and was assisted by Rev. Dr. George C. Baldwin and Rev. Dr. R.D. Williamson of the United Presbyterian Church. Those who acted as bearers were Charles H. Curtis, F. O. Stiles, Frank L. Fales, H. Judd Ward, George B. Fales and H. H. Halladay. A number of beautiful floral tokens were displayed. The remains were taken to Heath, Mass., for interment.

Troy Daily Times. March 23, 1897: 2 col 3.

Sylvander Green Benson (1820-1897)

Center Cemetery, Heath, Franklin County, Massachusetts

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