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"Lines Written on a Blank Leaf of Mrs. Hemens' Poetical Works" by "W." (1851)


Written on a blank leaf of Mrs. Hemens' Poetical Works."

Sweet Songstress! whose enchanted lyres

Awaketh passion's slumbering fire,

Or murmering oft a gentler strain,

Calmeth the maddened soul again!

For thee we twine a chaplet fair,

A glorious chaplet, rich and rare:

We bring thee from the heart's deep bow'r

Unsullied LOVE—a modest flow'r

That bloometh e'en in yonder sky,

Watched by the angel strong on high!

We bring thee FAME—with its coral red,

That springs from the warrior's moss-clas bed;

From the moss-clad tomb to memory dear,

And flingeth its perfume far and near,

Sweet HOPE we weave in the well-won wreath—

Sweet hope that buds on the barren heath;

When naught but its own dear self would bloom,

"Alone in the depths of the desert's gloom!"

Thus—thus for thee a wreath we twine,

And fling it upon the hallowed shrine;

For thee, whose spirit from earth was riven,

To dwell forever throned in Heaven.

                                        W * * * * * *

        Troy, August, 1851.

Troy Daily Times. August 7, 1851: 2 col 1.

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