Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Lines on the Death of an Infant" by Orville (1860)

Lines on the Death of an Infant

Dear parents, check the flowing tear:

No longer weep for me;

What though the blow may be severe,

Remember, I am free.

Bright angels on the wings of love,

Came from the spirit land,

Inviting me to realms above,

To sit at God's right hand.

I enter on eternal life,

Amid the heavenly spheres,

Free from the world's vain sinful strife,

Free from its toils and cares.

Perennial flowers around me bloom

Whose beauties ne'er decay;

I sleep not in the silent tomb,

But live in endless day.

'Mid scenes of bliss I ever roam—

Then weep no more for me,

For, oh! I have a glorious home

Throughout eternity.

And we shall meet again, oh, yes;

A few more years of pain,

Then we shall meet 'mid scenes of bliss,

And never part again.                ORVILLE.

NAIL FACTORY, February 29.

Troy Daily Times. March 3, 1860: 3 col 6.

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