Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"On the Death of a Beloved Scholar" by E. Wilson, Jr. (1840)

The following lines were written by E. Wilson, jr., a Teacher, on hearing of the death of THOMAS A. SYMONDS, a promising youth and former pupil who died in this city on the 3d of May inst., after a protracted illness and read at his funeral.


Death is a sad & doleful scene.

        It changes prospects most serene;

His iron grasp no age sets free,

        But moves them to eternity.

The youth who now before us lies

        Has just passed thro' death's agonies.

The thoughts that cluster round his clay,

        No mortal tongue can e'er convey.

The parents' hearts the keenest throb,

        At the chastisement of their God;

Yet others feel and deep deplore,

        While they his face shall see no more.

His cheerful mind and willing feet

        Oft brought him round his master's seat;

Obedience marked his conduct fair

        While he his teacher's love did share.

Then let us all by this event.

        Which God in mercy thus has sent

Be urg'd to duty and to prayer

        That we may in his mercy share

Troy Daily Whig. May 13, 1840: 2 col 1.

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