Saturday, September 14, 2013

Rev. Booth's Psonnet Psalms (1918)


How blessed is the man who walketh not

In counsel of ungodly men, nor stands

With sinners, in their way, nor casts his lot

With scorners, in their seat. The Lord's demands

Are his delight and in His Law, by night

And day, he meditates. A fruitful tree

Shall he be like, whose leafage knows no blight,

Fed by the stream, blest with prosperity.

The wicked flee, like chaff before the wind,

And, therefore, in the judgment shall not stand;

Nor sinners, in the congregation, find

A place with righteous men—at God's right hand;

Jehovah knoweth well the righteous way—

Ungodliness shall perish in that Day!

                    —REV. JOSEPH C. BOOTH.

Morning Herald [Gloversville, NY]. September 4, 1918: 3 cols 1-2.


Jehovah is my Shepherd; therefore I

Shall never want. In pastures green He makes

Me lie and by the silent waters takes

Me there to rest; my soul restores and by

His Name He guideth me in paths that lie

In righteousness. Yes in the valley wakes

My soul, assured my Shepherd ne'er forsakes

His sheep. Thy rod and staff bring comfort nigh!

A table spread before my foes appears;

My head with oil Thou hast anointed, Lord!

My cup of Joy with blessings runneth o'er.

Thy goodness, loving kindness, all my years

Shall follow me—according to Thy Word.

And in Thy House I'll dwell forever—more!

                        Rev. Joseph C. Booth.

    Mayfield, N.Y.

Morning Herald. November 11, 1918: 7 col 3.

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