Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Serfdom" by William Howe (1925)


Lines inspired by the reading of Mary Johnston's "Slave Ship."


Written for The Troy Times.

Much has been written, sung or said

        Of Slavery in times gone by;

Of human beings bought and sold,

The motive merely lust for gold,

        Oblivious to the victims' cry...

Thank Heaven those evil times are dead.

But even so—with mankind free

Where civilized—e'en yet we see

Man still in bonds! In slavery!

Not physical—but yet not free.

There's bondage that's man's master now.

        A bondage quite as old as time—

A slave to self—and I'll allow

        To throw that off is most sublime.

Man's freedom is not wholly gained

'Til mastery of self's attained.

Troy Times. February 2, 1925: 14 col 2.

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