Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"To the Second Regiment ('Somewhere in New York State')" by Lena S. Thompson (1917)

To the Second Regiment.

("Somewhere in New York State.")


Written for The Troy Times.

Fight for America,

        Men, brave and true;

Fight for the little ones,

        Clinging to you;

Fight for your sweethearts,

        Your daughters, your wives;

Fight for their honor,

        If not for their lives.

Up then, with hands erect,

        Ready to go;

God will be with you there,

        Facing the foe;

Forward to battle!

        E'en though it be,

Living or dying,

        Over the sea.

Men, we are proud of you

        (Mothers and wives)

Proud, now the call has come,

        You give your lives;

Onward to victory!

        Brave men and true;

Knowing we mothers

        Are praying for you.

Troy Times. August 4, 1917: col 1.

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