Monday, September 23, 2013

"Chief Byron" by Capt. William J. Cunningham (1918)

Chief Byron

(In dedication to the memory of the beloved and dauntless Fire Chief Patrick Byron, by Capt. William J. Cunningham of Truck No. 2.)

Written for the Troy Times.

Farewell, good Chief, farewell, farewell, thy praise 'til now unsung

Like firebells ringing o'er the town is heard from every tongue:

Thou hast been in thy days of life a wonder to us all,

And deeply we now mourn our loss since answered thou death's call.

No soldier on the battlefield could fight as thou hast fought

Great fires that would our city grand have soon reduced to nought,

And ever wert thou foremost with all thy will and might,

Regardless of all dangers, those flaming fires to fight.

Farewell, good Chief, farewell, thy labors now are done

And thy rewards, 'way up above (and well earned every one)

Will be bright joys beyond compare to thee, good Chief, to thee,

Among the angels up on high for all eternity.

Cunningham, William J. "Chief Byron." Troy Times. April 27, 1918: 2 col 1.

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