Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Hooverize!" by Rev. T.L. Drury (1917)



Written for The Troy Times.

To help the boys who go to France

And what we deem is no romance,

But something worthy to advance—


To make battalions feel secure,

To courage give that will endure,

To keep their bodies strong and pure—


To keep the Allied nations strong

In all their battle lines along,

Against the powers of hate and wrong—


For sake of children whom we know

Do suffer in this awful woe,

O'erwhelmed with anguish of the blow—


For sake of women shedding tears

For loss of former happy years,

Who victims are of awful fears—


To prove the soul of Freedom lives

In us by sympathy it gives

To faithful service that relieves—


To prove that we are in the fight

To stay with all our loyal might

For sake of freedom, god and right—


To show that we do not forget

The nation's older spirit yet,

But on its goal our hearts are set—


To show we still can sacrifice,

However dear, can pay the price

In loyal service as our choice—


Let ev'ry woman, child and man,

Now Hooverize the best they can,

So prove the value of the plan

                To all the world!

Troy Daily Times. November 21, 1917: col 1.

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