Friday, September 13, 2013

"Thomas' Electric Oil" (1883)

(image cropped from a scan of a microfilm of the Troy Daily Times at the amazing

My mission is to cure the ills

that flesh is heir to, save the bills

which go to make up doctors' fees,

to give the wretched sufferer ease.

All aches and pains I quickly cure,

and all the anguish men endure,

and all Rheumatic pain I quell,

the old Asthmatic I make well.

When with green apples boys will frolic,

most speedily I cure the colic;

a cough or cold I drive away,

the cripple I make blithe and gay;

I do not burden with expense,

I only cost you fifty cents;

within the reach of sons of toil


I am well known throughout the world,

my fame there's none can throttle.

My merits are not all in this puff—

but they are in the BOTTLE.

Troy Daily Times. October 24, 1883: 1 col 1.

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