Friday, September 13, 2013

"The Collar City" by J.J. Stegmayer (1910)

            The Collar City has a poet who thus hymns its praises:

                THE COLLAR CITY.

I sing of the Collar City,

        Built near the American Rhine,

Where students of the R.P.I.

        Kneel devoutly at Science’s shrine;

Where the children of the Trojans

        In a new high school are trained,

An up-to-date business college

        Successfully is maintained.

I sing of the Collar City,

        Rejoicing o’er the victory won,

Mayor Mann has been re-elected,

        Troy’s faithful and favorite son;

Pure water supplies our households,

        And clean streets are gracing the town,

The public baths of next summer

        Will then drive away the last frown.

I sing of the Collar City,

        Renowned for cuffs, collars and shirts,

The laundries known the world over,

        Are run, as they say, by experts;

Good paints are furnished by Connors,

        They’re known as American Seal.

Frear, Quackenbush, Edwards and Goodkind

        To young and to old do appeal.

I sing of the Collar City,

        Where The Daily Times does appear,

That with the brightest news columns

        Its delighted readers does cheer;

And the semi-Weekly issue

        In the towns is the favorite,

The cheery weekly art section

        For the readers proves a great treat.

I sing of the Collar City,

        From Mount Olympus’ lofty peak

Where in the days of fair summer

        Often recreation I seek;

Just now the north wind is howling,

        A white canopy covers the earth,

The Hudson is frozen over,

        But coasting and skating bring mirth.

I sing of the Collar City,

        Quite famous now as Greater Troy,

Where in the midst of my family

        My existence I well enjoy;

My Troy, brighter things do await thee,

        And greater shall change then to grand,

When the Barge Canal shall be opened

        Troy labor will be in demand.

                                        J. J. STEGMAYER.

“Wayside Whispers; The Collar City.” Troy Times. February 19, 1910: 10 col 4.

For Troy's Mount Olympus, see

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