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"The Prophecy of the Hudson" by Rev. T.L. Drury (1919)

The Prophecy of the Hudson.


Written for the Troy Times

Roll on, proud Hudson, to the sea,

I have a prophecy for thee:

Great ships shall on thy waters float,

And days like these shall seem remote.

The lakes above shall open wide

Their gates unto the ocean tide,

And nation's wealth have passage free

Upon thy bosom to the sea!

And Troy shall wake as ne'er before,

When greater ships along its shore

Shall anchor there; then see it rise

A town of greatest enterprise!

Then roll, proud Hudson, ever on;

Thy greater triumphs shall be won

When mingled with thy waters are

Those waters from the lakes afar.

As now for beauties that are rare

Thy name has gone forth everywhere,

It shall for thrift and greater worth

Be proudly known in all the earth.

Nor then thy grandeur shall be less,

For millions thou shalt doubly bless;

Thro' energy of enterprise

Shall others see thy glory rise!

When lakes shall thy blue waters meet,

Then West shall East most freely greet;

And grand shall be their fair renown

For charming scenes to ocean down.

Flow on, proud Hudson, to the sea;

Thy wealth in service great shall be,

And great thy name where flag's unfurled

Upon thy ships in all the world!

Troy Times. June 25, 1919: 6 col 1.

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