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"A World I'd Have" by Jonathan E. Hoag (1923)

A World I'd Have.


(Written for The Troy Times on his 93d birthday.)

A world I'd have, rock-ribb'd and old,

        With snowy peaks and azure sky,

Where from high nests in hidden gold

        The eagles teach their young to fly.

With shadowy canyons lone and deep,

        Where darkness hides the day o'erhead;

Where only bats a vigil keep

        Above the dust of tribes long dead.

With titan oceans blue and wide,

        Where sportive whales the waters cleave;

Where swelling sails surmount the tide,

        And steamers on each billow heave.

With fragrant woods and verdant hills,

        And grassy dells that breathe of spring.

Where music murmurs in the rills,

        And crystal founts of beauty sing.

Each mead I'd have with blossoms bright;

        Each arbor gay with many a rose;

Each grove responsive in delight

        To songs that feathered bards compose.

And thro' these scenes of loveliness

        I'd have the voice of youth at play;

Glad childish shouts to soothe and bless

        The moments of a happier day.

The world I'd have! How far, alas,

        From all that can today be ours!

When will the agelong hatreds pass,

        And Justice seek her ancient bowers?

Let pulsing hand touch pulsing hand,

        And threat'ning war-clouds cease to roll;

Let Creed, defeated, flee the land,

        And Kindness reign from pole to pole.

Let sturdy yeomen man the plough

        Till not a mouth for bread need crave;

Let all to Right and Reason bow,

        Great monarchs of the world I'd have!

        Greenwich, N. Y.

Troy Times. June 20, 1924: 17 col 3.

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