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"In memory of Lieut. E.S.P. Clapp" (1864)

In Memoriam.

(Written for the Troy Daily Times)

        In memory of Lieut. E.S.P. [Elam Smalley Phaedon] Clapp, who died from wounds received in the battle of the Wilderness, May 12, 1864.

Weep not for him who, nobly dying,

        Has left a name unstained and bright;

Quick to his country’s call replying,

        He girded on the sword for right.

He quailed not at the battle’s thunder—

        His noble heart no fear could tell;

They burst bold Treason’s ranks asunder,

        He in the flush of victory fell.

But, ah! amid such joyous feeling,

        There mingles a sad sense of woe!

And tears, the inward grief revealing,

        Will to our eyes unbidden flow.

O! many friends are vainly striving

        To view again that well known form;

        Alas! he is not with the living—

        He’s safe from every battle’s storm!

Bravely he fought while death was flying

        Around him on that hard-fought day;

And from the field of glory, signing,

        They bore that bleeding form away.

He’s passed from this dark world of sorrow,

        Wherein his steps in honor trod;

There’s now for him no gloomy morrow,

        His spirit is at rest with God.

Often shall future aged, telling

        How the brave patriot fought and bled—

On all his deeds of valor dwelling,

        Pay tribute to the noble dead.

Proudly for freedom’s cause he perished,

Still shall that glorious name he cherished,

        Shrined to his country’s grateful breast.

Troy Daily Times. July 2, 1864: 4 col 1.

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