Monday, September 23, 2013

"Requiescat in Pace" by K.D.S. (1912)

Requiescat in Pace


Written For The Troy Times.

These lines were suggested by the myrtle covered graves, protected with boughs of evergreen from the cold of winter,

To-day as I wandered through Oakwood,

        Where we lay our loved ones to rest,

The graves that were evergreen covered

        Were the ones that to me were the best.

They seemed so like dear little children

        Tucked warm in their trundle bed,

And all of them His little children,

        This host of the blessed dead.

His child! What a sense of protection

        Descends to us from above

As He covers us o'er with His mercy

        And binds us down with His love.

Just as the myrtle is covered

        By the bough of the evergreen,

So we are held close and protected

        In our sleep that comes between.

        Waterford, November 16.

S, K.D. "Requiescat in Pace." Troy Times. November 28, 1912: 13 col 1.

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