Friday, September 13, 2013

"Imitation, House, Sign and Ornamental Painting" by Leach & Merritt (1837)

"Encourage Painting, an art which few attain,

        In color, model, brush and plan

And even these are but in vain,

        Without the genius of the man.

In vain the easel may be framed,

        In vain the pallet yield its store,

'Tis genius and taste alone are named

        To develop their wond'rous power.

'Tis mine intuitive to give

        The wood or flower, its native dye,

And bid the innate beauties live,

        Of grassy field or azure sky.

To shade in tints, or words that burn,

        Aught that adorns this earthly stage;

All that I ask, a slight return,

        Is good prompt pay and patronage."

    THE subscribers having acquired the art of painting marble and wood, such as oak, maple, mahogany, rose, satin, and other woods, on doors, mantes, panels, counters &c., respectfully inform the inhavitants of Troy and its vicinity, that they have formed a copartnership in business, under the firm of LEACH & MERRITT, 291 River street, where they respectfully solicit that share of patronage, which their workmanship merits, they would also inform the public that they will go to any part of the state, to paint country seats, churches or any other elegant buildings that may require the aid of a skillful brush to beautify and adorn them.

    N.B. They will be pleased to show specimens of their work to all who will please to call.

                        LEACH & MERRITT.

"Imitation, House, Sign and Ornamental Painting" Troy Daily Whig. August 18, 1837: 1 col 6.

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