Sunday, October 6, 2013

"Mt. Tahawus" by Benjamin F. Leggett (1899)

Mt. Tahawus.

Written for The Troy Daily Times.


        Tahawus, the heart of the Adirondacks and the highest peak of the Empire state, signifies "he splits the sky."

Cloud-cleaver of the Empire's mountain land!

        His crown he lifts above the conclave meet

        To hold their court about his royal feet,—

Proud monarch of the lordly mountain band!

Sunset's last arrows as a dying brand

        Pale on his crest, and morning raptures greet

        With matin song and melody complete

His gray old brow uplifted stern and grand!

A Pisgah height to hold the bated breath;

        A crested tumult liften to the rim

        Of rosy skies that bend above and lean

O'er cloudy cliffs that hang as still as death,

And bastioned walls of mountains dark and grim,

With purple valleys folded safe between.

        Ward, Penn.

Troy Daily Times. June 23, 1899: 6 col 2.

It's better known today as Mount Marcy, named for the late governor.

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